Brad Parscale Meeting Privately With Caitlyn Jenner

( Caitlyn Jenner is mulling a potential run for governor of California, and she’s getting advice from a former top Trump official.

The New York Post recently reported that Jenner is trying to decide whether she will throw her hat in the ring to challenge Governor Gavin Newsom in this year’s recall election. While she does so, she’s getting advice from Brad Parscale, who served as the Trump 2020 campaign manager.

Parscale and Jenner have known each other for a few years now. He’s helping her to build a staff with critical personnel, even as she’s just in the decision stages of whether or not to run.

Jenner apparently reached out directly to Parscale for advice and assistance in building her team and forming a direction for the potential campaign. No one from Jenner’s team has commented publicly about her potential run or about consulting with Parscale in preparation.

Jenner is a well-known celebrity who could attract a lot of support in the state of California. She was formerly married to Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” family. The reality TV series is one of the most successful shows on television ever.

Before appearing on the reality TV series, Jenner, who came out as a trans woman in 2015, garnered loads of fame individually. Jenner won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics as a decathlete.

Jenner is now 71 years old. She has been a supporter of former President Donald Trump in the past, and would run as a Republican if she indeed decided to officially run against Newsom.

Sources close to Parscale said to The Post that he has no interest in being a campaign manager again, despite Jenner’s political ambitions. Still, the sources did confirm that he could eventually serve as an official adviser to Jenner “down the line” if she wanted to bring him on board officially.

While Newsom is not up for re-election until 2022, he is facing a strong campaign to recall him and force him to face an election before then.

That campaign began in mid-March and has apparently already garnered 2 million signatures. Only 1.5 million are needed to force a recall election.

Recall elections in California would garner a lot of attention and a lot of candidates as well. In 2003, then-Governor Gray Davis was recalled, and he faced many celebrity challengers.

In that election, Davis had to go up against former child actor Gary Coleman, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and even adult film star Mary Carey.

Ultimately, though, Davis lost to another celebrity — Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, 20 years later, another California governor could be facing a recall election against some strong celebrity challengers.

Only 24% of registered voters in the state of California are registered Republicans, so GOP members are always fighting an uphill battle in the state. Still, Newsom could face some serious heat from other Democratic challengers who are fed up with the governor’s antics.

As Rob Stutzman, who served as a spokesman for Schwarzenegger and is a Republican strategist, said:

“The biggest thing Newsom has to do is keep a Democrat from running. So far so good, but it’s also easy right now. We’re in for several months of waiting.”