British PM Boris Blasts Biden For Not Understanding Brexit Negotiations

( British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hit back at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for not understanding the negotiations taking place between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Boris spoke out about the presidential hopefully after he appeared to intervene in ongoing discussions and take the side of the European Union.

Biden suggested that as president he would stop a British-American trade deal if the United Kingdom were to undermine the provision in the Good Friday Agreement. It seemed to prove that Joe Biden doesn’t know what is going on in the EU-UK discussions as the British Prime Minister has no intention of breaking the Good Friday Agreement.

The agreement was made between the Provision Irish Republican Army (IRA), which is an Irish terrorist organization that opposed British rule, and the British state. It says that there will not be a hard border between the Republic of Ireland, which is an independent country, and Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom.

European Union officials recently engaged in a smear campaign, suggesting that Boris Johnson is at risk of breaking the provisions of the agreement, when in reality, legislation passed by Johnson’s Conservative government is designed to stop the European Union blockading food important to Northern Ireland from the British mainland.

“We continue to remain absolutely committed to no hard border and no border infrastructure between the Republic and Northern Ireland,” Johnson’s spokesman said about Biden’s ill-informed remarks. “We will continue to work with our US partners to ensure our position is understood but the whole point of this – as the Prime Minister has set out – is to make sure the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement is upheld.”

Naturally, EU officials are not happy that Johnson’s Conservative government is asserting itself in the negotiations.

Negotiators representing the United Kingdom have branded the EU “abusive” for using an “extreme” interpretation of the powers granted to them in the Withdrawal Agreement, which could see them attempting to stock the important of food from England, Scotland, and Wales into Northern Ireland…despite the fact that Northern Ireland is no longer in the European Union.

The EU has made the threat and said that it would move forward with their plans if the UK does not agree to a deal that meets every demand they make.

Johnson’s government is unlikely to cede every single demand to the European Union, not just because it would be against the interests of the United Kingdom but because EU officials have admitted in the past that they intend to make the process as difficult as possible to put off other countries from leaving the political bloc.