Caitlyn Jenner Compares Herself To Trump

( Whether Caitlyn Jenner is running a serious campaign to become California’s next governor remains an open question. But one thing is certain, Caitlyn thinks pretending to be like Donald Trump will be a winning strategy.

While appearing on The View last week, Jenner claimed that she, like Donald Trump, intends to be a “disrupter.”

Tepidly praising President Trump for doing “some good things,” Jenner said what she liked about him was Trump was a disrupter. And Jenner hopes to go into Sacramento and be a “thoughtful disrupter.”

One of the things Jenner doesn’t view as a “good thing” Trump did however, was Trump’s unwavering position on illegal immigration. In May, Jenner voiced support for amnesty for illegals in California.

Of course when she appeared on Hannity before a Trump-supporting audience, Jenner claimed to be “all for the wall.”

One almost suspects Caitlyn Jenner’s posturing at being like Trump is all for show.

When The View’s resident shrew Joy Behar demanded to know if Jenner counts herself among those who believe the 2020 election was stolen, Jenner got cagey.

“I’m not going to get into that,” Jenner said, clearly not wanting to look like a disrupter. “That election is over.”

Last month in an interview on CNN, the Trump-invoking not-a-disrupter disrupter shot down the idea that election fraud occurred in 2020, saying “I believe in the system.”

Jenner’s shallow pandering to Trump voters is likely all for nothing.

Recent polling in California shows that Gavin Newsom is likely to survive the recall election which may take place as soon as early September. Some in Sacramento are pushing to have the election as soon as possible now that it appears Newsom would survive the vote.

Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled state can’t stop complaining about how expensive this recall is shaping up to be – putting the price tag somewhere in the neighborhood of $215 Million.

Currently no California Democrat has stepped forward to run against Newsom which only solidifies the notion that Democrats are confident Newsom will skate through unscathed. If he was vulnerable, no doubt some Democrat vultures would be circling.

In the end, Caitlyn Jenner could be humiliating herself for nothing.