Canadian Police Chief KNEELED to Rioting Extremists

( As police officers across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are tasked with controlling outbreaks of violent riots following the tragic death of George Floyd, some police officers are choosing to side with the rioters. Scott Gilbert, a Canadian police chief, reportedly kneeled before rioting extremists who had climbed and vandalized a war memorial in Peterborough, Ontario. Gilbert kneeled when the criminals asked the officers to join in with their protest, or “take a knee.”

On June 2, a protest organized by Said Jiddawy, a self-described “transfeminine non-binary drag queen,” took place in Ontario. The march was pitched as a protest against the death of George Floyd but, just like in the United States and United Kingdom, the protest quickly turned into mayhem.

Even before the demonstration took place, the Peterborough Police Service tried to prove they were on the same side as the protesters, presumably in the hope that it would minimize the damage done by the rioters.

“The Peterborough Police Service wishes to reaffirm its commitment to bias-free policing and the right for people to gather in peaceful protest,” the police force said in a “Statement of Solidary” published before the protest took place.

“In a world where systematic racism has been embedded by a history of colonization, we understand that we must continuously reaffirm this commitment which is reflected in our core values,” the statement continued.

Shockingly, this isn’t the only instance of the police kowtowing to political extremism. All over the world, police forces are expressing their support of violent protesters and expressing support for extreme left-wing political talking points. Despite official statistics completely disproving the lie that black men are being hunted down by the police, the Peterborough Police Service for some reason chose to express its support for political extremists.

What’s more, Police Chief Scott Gilbert kneeled to activists during the protest after they climbed up the Peterborough Citizens’ War Memorial. As the police chief kneeled, activists chanted lyrics from the song “F*ck the Police” by NWA.

Gilbert even boasted to journalists that he was “kneeling on the concrete on a surgically reconstructed knee” for nine minutes.

“But at the same time I was thinking what went through [George Floyd’s] mind while that officer was kneeling on his neck,” he added.

The entire world was shocked to see what happened to George Floyd, but when the data disproves the key premise behind these protests, many people may ask why police officers are siding with extremists.