Canadian Troops Are Being Prepared To Be Used Against Truckers

( On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canadian government will not consider using troops against the protesting truckers whose week-long demonstration against COVID vaccine mandates has virtually shut down traffic in central Ottawa.

The city’s chief of police, Peter Sloly had suggested on Wednesday that using the military was one of the options available to the city.

Over two hundred trucks and other vehicles have been blockading downtown Ottawa since Friday, January 28. Some Ottawa residents are angry that local police aren’t doing more to move in and break up the demonstration.

By Wednesday, Chief Sloly alleged that guns were being smuggled into the protests and told reporters that the police are “looking at every single option, including military aid.” However, Trudeau dismissed the idea, saying on Thursday sending in troops is not an option.

According to protest organizer Tamara Lich, the demonstrations would continue until all COVID-related mandates are dropped.

With military assistance off the table, Ottawa Police is using a variety of tactics to try and shut the protest down.

They badgered crowd-funding site GoFundMe until it agreed to freeze the more than $10 million raised for the truckers. Over the weekend, GoFundMe announced that the money donated to the demonstrators would not be refunded. Instead, it would be redistributed to other reputable non-profit groups.

The Ottawa Police quickly tweeted its thanks to GoFundMe for effectively stealing the money donated to the truckers.

But when several state Attorneys General announced that they would investigate GoFundMe for fraud over the incident, the crowd-funding site quickly backtracked and agreed to refund the money to the people who donated it.

The alternative crowd-funding site, GiveSendGo immediately opened a fundraising drive for the Truckers, and in 36 hours, it had already received over $2 million.

The demonstrators are also facing a lawsuit from the city of Ottawa over the noise from all the honking and for disrupting city services.

Over the weekend, Ottawa police officers were spotted seizing supplies of gas, food, and propane from the demonstration. Meanwhile, the mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency and threatened to arrest anyone bringing in more supplies to the demonstrators.