Cancelled Conservative Family Reveals How Their Lives Have Changed

( The Federalist published an op-ed from Elise Crapuchettes who recounts the experience of her husband Andrew who, in 2020 lost his position as CEO of a successful tech company when the company embraced identity politics and chose to put “cultural compliance” over job performance.

Rather than abandon his Christian faith, Crapuchettes’ husband chose to abandon his job.

Crapuchettes writes that the words that prompted her husband’s departure were “You may have a CEO who is Christian, but not a Christian CEO.”

After leaving the position he held for ten years, Crapuchettes’ husband started the job board to provide conservatives employment alternatives.

One month later, President Biden announced his vaccine mandates for businesses with more than 100 employees. Crapuchettes and her husband believe that it was God’s design that he lost his old job and created this new business. Because now there is a company that will help employees fired over vaccine mandates find new work.

Crapuchettes writes that never in his 25 years of tech experience has her husband seen anything like the responses he’s received to his new job board from both Christian conservatives and secular conservatives who are volunteering their time to RedBalloon.

She writes that her husband’s courage is inspiring others to be courageous. They are starting businesses and investing in “culturally aligned companies.” Job-seekers are willing to relocate their families to gain employment from “freedom-loving employers.”

Crapuchettes writes that conservatives are waking up and fighting back. They are willing to risk their jobs rather than violate their conscience.

She argues that canceling conservatives isn’t cowing them into silence. Rather, it is “driving Christians to consider the connections between their faith and their money and jobs.”

Read her column HERE.