Candidate for Secretary of State Torches LGBTQ Books in Video

( — A Republican candidate running for Secretary of State in the Missouri Republican primary on February 6 posted a video on social media showing her setting fire to LGBT books to highlight what she would do to “grooming books” if she was elected, The Hill reported.

In the video posted on X, Republican Valentina Gomez appears holding a flamethrower as she says, “This is what I will do to the grooming books when I become secretary of state.” She then lights a stack of books on fire while explaining that they were checked out of a public library in Missouri. Gomez then vows that if elected, “they will burn.”

In posting the video, the Republican candidate tweeted that she would “BURN” the books that indoctrinate, groom, or sexualize children.

The author of one of the books Gomez burned blasted the candidate as a “fascist” for burning her book “to get votes.”

In a statement to The Hill, Kathy Belge, the co-author of one of the books Gomez burned, said while book bans are “dangerous,” book burning “takes it to a whole new scary level.”

Belge said Americans “should be concerned” that a candidate for office would not only think burning books was acceptable but that it would be “something that will help her get elected.”

NBC News reported that for a time, X restricted Gomez’s video and added a note saying that it “may violate X’s rules against hateful conduct.”

In a statement to NBC News, her campaign director, Maicoll Gomez, said the candidate’s message was “simple:” Do not put books in libraries that indoctrinate, groom, or sexualize children.

According to her campaign website, if elected, Gomez would protect children from the “transgender agenda.” She “vehemently opposes” allowing minors to undergo transgender medical procedures and would fight to prohibit boys from competing in girls’ sports. Gomez also supports parents’ involvement in their children’s school curriculum.

Following all of the media attention given to it, by Friday, Gomez’s video had been viewed 2.7 million times on X.

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