Capitol Police Tighten Security In Special Measures

( – Security has been beefed up on Capitol Hill as Antifa are expected to pose as Trump supporters to further demonize the former President. Steel barriers have been erected and Capitol Police have set up a watch-tower near Congress. The move comes as pictures were published showing an apparent Trump supporter with an Antifa tattoo in New York.

The scene in Washington is similar to that of New York City, where the office of District Attorney Alvin Bragg is surrounded by barriers. Conservative internet personality Stew Peters has said that NYPD is effectively encouraging violence by putting barriers in place because Antifa has a record of using these as weapons. He said on Twitter, “Antifa in NYC has a history of using steel crowd control barriers as weapons against NYPD police. Just ask the Proud Boys, who have tried to protect folks AGAINST Antifa thugs. The Democrats (and DeSantis supporters) would LOVE to have video footage of “MAGA” supporters (Read: FEDS) doing the very same. Antifa in NYC, plus feds, will ABSOLUTELY dress up as “MAGA” folks and slam steel barriers into NYPD.” He also warned of a repeat of the Ray Epps scandal that erupted after the Capitol riots in January 2021. Epps had been named as a suspect following the demonstrations but was soon dropped from the FBI’s wanted list, leading to theories that he was in fact a left-wing agitator or a federal informant.

On January 7th, 2021, the New York Post published a story stating that Antifa activists had been involved in the disorder and they had presented themselves as Trump supporters in a bid to lay the blame on the former President. Writing in the Post, Larry Celona said at least two known Antifa supporters were spotted engaging in disorder while dressed in MAGA clothing. Leftists, as well as the mainstream media, have denied the truth of this particular story but infiltration and disguise have long been used as tactics to demonize opposition figures at political rallies.

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