Car Falls And Crushes Receptionist

( We usually bring you political news, but this is a story we just couldn’t ignore.

Dramatic CCTV footage shows how a teenage receptionist in Brazil was completely crushed and left seriously injured when a car fell from the ceiling on top of her. The footage shows how a car was driven off of the second floor of a Brazilian car showroom, which took it tumbling off the edge of the mezzanine floor, before it flipped over and landed on top of the poor girl.

Local authorities said that the car was being driven by a contractor who was responsible for cleaning the cars within the dealership. It turned out that this contractor did not have a driving license.

The horrific scenes show how the poor woman had only a split second to see what was coming and didn’t have enough time to get out of the way.

It occurred in Sao Paulo on Monday. The teenage receptionist was seriously injured by the incident and another young receptionist, aged 22, was also hurt.

Pictures shared by the Daily Mail show how the showroom was left with shattered glass and a crushed desk.

It is a miracle she survived.