ChatGPT Faces Legal Action Over Defamation

( — An Australian Mayor said he might sue OpenAI for defamation. ChatGPT, which is owned by OpenAI, falsely described Mayor Brian Hood as a convicted criminal. Residents in his hometown near Melbourne told Hood that the app named him as the guilty party in a bribery scandal in 2000. While Hood worked for the company involved, he reported the crime; he was not the culprit.

The Mayor’s lawyers wrote to OpenAI, based in San Francisco, warning that it should remove the falsity immediately or he would launch a defamation lawsuit. It would be the first time such an action was taken against an Artificial Intelligence program.

His lawyer said, “It would potentially be a landmark moment in the sense that it’s applying this defamation law to a new area of artificial intelligence and publication in the IT space.”

ChatGPT is a new piece of software that is known as a chatbot. The application answers questions and can rewrite text. It gained over a million users in the space of a week following its launch. Its creators say it can correct its own mistakes and reject inappropriate requests. It is a piece of artificial intelligence that is causing quite a stir.

Jason Allen won the Colorado State Art Fair’s competition last year. Artificial Intelligence created his winning piece. Allen later said, “Art is dead.” An application called Midjourney made Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. This software allows users to input text about what kind of art they want, and it then conjures up a picture. It has prompted concern among artists that artificial intelligence will make their work redundant. RJ Palmer, a movie and game artist, wrote on Twitter, “This thing wants our jobs, it’s actively anti-artist.”

Artificial Intelligence is now so sensitive that one Google engineer said it has feelings. The Language Model for Dialogue Applications (Lamda) is Google’s newest piece of AI. It can engage in conversation with users, so much so that engineer Blake Lemoine said it is sentient. Google rejected the claim, and Mr. Lemoine has been placed on paid leave.

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