Child DRAG SHOW Scheduled – Children Invited

Child Drag Shows Are Becoming A Thing

( – On Sunday, an Oregon bar held a drag queen storytime brunch featuring an 11-year-old drag performer called Vanellope, drawing dozens of protesters.

Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene advertised the event last week on Facebook, describing the 11-year-old in drag as having “all the charm and sweetness of a bowl of sugary cereal.” And yes, this drag storytime was open to all ages.

Sunday morning, dozens of people showed up to protest the event while around 200 counter-protesters turned up to protest the protesters.

The protesters began arriving about an hour before the 11:00 am drag event started. Eugene Police began closing down streets, pushing the protesters further away from the club.

According to a local news report, the two groups of protesters began shouting at each other and there were some physical altercations between them. One person was pepper-sprayed in the face and another was taken to the hospital.

Counter-protesters began throwing smoke canisters and a paintball gun was also used.

Once the anti-drag queen protesters left, the counter-protesters remained outside until the event was over.

Jean Woest, the manager of Old Nick’s Pub defended the supposed “family-friendly” event, arguing that it’s nothing but a drag queen reading children’s books to children, adding “there’s nothing else, nothing nefarious.”

Woest also expressed surprise that people would object to an 11-year-old drag performer, arguing that she thinks it’s “weird” that people think “because it’s drag, it’s inherently sexual.”

The parents of the exploited 11-year-old said in a statement that the kid has been performing in drag since 7 and is not being forced into it.

Old Nick’s Pub isn’t the only bar to spark backlash for hosting “family-friendly” drag performances.

In June, a gay bar in Dallas found itself in hot water after footage from its family-friendly drag show showed children dancing with and giving tips to sexualized drag queens performing in front of vulgar signs.

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