China Deploys Operatives To Test 30,000 People For COVID, Drag In Run Aways

( Remember when China was claiming that it had successfully eradicated COVID-19 from the country, and that cases were dropping dramatically? Well, it wasn’t true. Obviously.

Reports recently revealed how authorities in Chengdu city in southwestern China claim to have conducted over 30,000 COVID-19 tests on visitors to the area at one of its mega entertainment centers. And those who tried to flee from the site were promptly rounded up by the authorities.

The people were held at the venue after it was revealed that somebody may have contracted the virus while at the venue.

On Wednesday, visitors to the city returned all returned negative COVID infection results on November 9 – at least, according to China Central Television. Would they dare report anything other than claims that there are no COVID infections remaining?

The venue was the New Century Global Center. It’s 1.7 million square meters in size and contains a university, offices, shops, and even housing. It became one huge testing site on the night of November 8, forcing all guests to receive a negative test before being allowed to leave the venue.

A member of staff at the venue told the Beijing Radio and Television Station that one possibly infected person was found to have visited the site previously on October 31 – and despite that taking place over a week before, they chose to test everybody present as soon as they learned.

Video shared by the Beijing Radio and Television Station showed people being swabbed and others trying to escape the venue through the bushes, before being grabbed by security guards and put back in line.

Who knows whether China really does have the virus under control – but if they do, it’s not through good planning. It’s through authoritarianism.