China Hostage Win Exposes Biden’s Weakness

( In September, a top Huawei executive who was charged with bank fraud and wire fraud, was granted permission to leave Canada and return to China after the Biden Justice Department agreed to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with Huawei and withdrew its extradition request.

At the request of the US, Meng Wanzhou was arrested by Canadian authorities in December 2018. In January 2019, she was charged in the Eastern District of New York for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

But now she’s free to return to China.

Shortly after Meng’s 2018 arrest, two Canadians working in China, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, were arrested, secretly tried and convicted, and had been held ever since. Then, just hours after Meng’s release was announced, it was reported that Spavor and Kovrig were released and would be heading back to Canada.

In other words, China held those two men hostage in order to get Meng freed.

At the time, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) blasted the DOJ’s move accusing the Biden administration of returning to a policy of appeasement with China. Cotton tweeted that the administration surrendered to “China’s hostage diplomacy” by dropping the criminal charges against Meng.

Cotton isn’t wrong. Many believe this agreement to defer the Huawei prosecution is the United States caving to pressure from China.

California Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman, a senior member of the Foreign Affairs Committee said that China “defeated our criminal law by taking hostages” which Beijing wasted no time taking a victory lap over. Sherman said this appeasement is a sign that President Biden is hamstrung by his desire to avoid economic fallout that might come from a major confrontation with China.

Well, that, and Biden’s family would probably suffer their own economic fallout.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Sherman pointed out that everyone favors doing something about China “as long as it doesn’t inconvenience any powerful American.” While Sherman thinks Biden’s team has some smart people who claim to use all the levers at their disposal, the truth is, the Biden administration doesn’t use any levers at all.