China Launches Military Drill Directed Toward United States

( The Chinese military reportedly carried out several “combat readiness patrols” near the Taiwan Strait last Friday, just as an American Congressional delegation made a surprise visit to Taiwan. It comes as China ramps up its intimidation campaign and Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for Taiwan and China to be “reunited” – despite Taiwan’s clear belief in and support of self-determination.

Five members of the House of Representatives arrived in Taipei last Friday after landing on Thursday night, where they made a two-day trip to meet with legislators in the country and learn about Chinese intimidation. It’s the second time in just one month that American legislators have visited the country, and perhaps part of an effort to show China that the United States takes a great interest in Taiwan’s self-determination.

Let’s hope that’s really the case. We all know how easy Joe Biden goes on China.

The Chinese military, as it did the last time the legislators visited, announced the patrols in the narrow Taiwan Strait, which separates the smaller island from the Chinese mainland.

The patrol was confirmed by the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command. IN a statement, the Chinese military said that they had “organized naval and air forces to continue combat readiness police patrols in direction of the Taiwan Strait.”

In other words, they wanted to intimidate America. They even admitted it, too.

“The relevant actions are necessary to deal with the current situation in the Taiwan Strait,” the statement continued.


No further details were provided, but what we can learn from this is that China desperately wants to make it appear as though they are willing to take military action against the United States if there were to be any efforts to stop a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.