China Requests More Help For Taliban

( In a phone call with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi suggested that the international community should engage with the Taliban and “positively guide them.”

Wang urged Washington to work with the international community to provide both economic and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan while helping the Taliban regime run the government, maintain stability and prevent the Afghan currency from collapsing.

Wang also wanted the US to find a way to both respect the sovereignty of the Taliban-led Afghanistan while at the same time taking concrete steps to help them fight terrorism and stop violence. But considering most of the violence is coming from the Taliban and its terrorist allies, this seems like a stupid request.

The fact is, the Biden administration might not need China’s encouragement in seeking to legitimize the brutal Taliban regime.

On Tuesday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told ABC’s Good Morning America that the United States hasn’t ruled out the possibility of providing economic and humanitarian aid to the terrorist regime.

According to State Department spokesman Ned Price, Blinken and Wang discussed how important it was for the international community to hold the Taliban accountable for its “public commitments” regarding safe passage for Afghans and foreign nationals.

In a tweet on Sunday, Price issued a furtive plea to the tenth century throwback terrorists, telling them to “meet its commitments” not only to safe passage, but to “respecting the basic rights of the people.” He also begged the Taliban to form an “inclusive government” and not to carry out reprisals against any Afghan allies the US left stranded to their fate.

Ironically, the same day the mewling Price was begging the Taliban not to conduct reprisals, photographs appeared online showing Taliban fighters hanging people from the neck and dangling them mid-air out of helicopters.

While China has not officially recognized the Taliban as Afghanistan’s new government, Wang Yi did host the group’s political chief Mullah Baradar in July.

It is widely known that China has its eye on the trillions of dollars’ worth of rare earth minerals that lay beneath the Taliban’s feet. Now that the US is officially out of the region, it is only a matter of time before the Chinese, like Pakistan and Iran, move to recognize and legitimize the Taliban’s rule.