China Scraps Pet Genocide Plan

( Chinese authorities in the district of Langfang have ordered for all pets belonging to residents who contract COVID-19 to be killed – but the disgraceful order was reportedly axed after local residents publicly condemned the plan.

Officials from Langfang city said that there must be a “complete culling of indoor animals” owned by residents of the Anci district who test positive for the virus. The policy was announced on Tuesday as part of the region’s efforts to drive down the number of COVID-19 cases, despite widespread vaccination.

By Wednesday, residents of the city were told that the directive had been “withdrawn” and the “implementation stopped” after an outcry from residents.

What we don’t know, however, is if any animals died on Tuesday before the directive was canceled on Wednesday.

So, why would they kill pets? It turns out that some scientists believe that pets can transmit COVID-19 – however, this effect has not been widely studied, and authorities apparently consider the fact that pets kept in the home are unlikely to come into contact with people outside of an individual’s home, and pets would fight off the virus and stop being infectious in the time it could have taken for authorities to round up and kill those poor animals.

You can see the orders – written in Chinese – here.

And people wonder why Americans aren’t exactly the biggest fans of China…how much more of this kind of thing do we need to see before we’re allowed to not like the way the Chinese authorities behave?