China Threatens Invasion Of Taiwan With New Military Drills, Reports Say

( As the Biden administration talks up “cooperation” and “seeking common ground” with the Communist Chinese Party, China has been busy staging multiple military drills in preparation for a possible invasion of Taiwan.

According to the UK Sun, the CCP is preparing for a possible insurgency in Taiwan by conducting assault landing and island-control drills in an attempt to display their military might. The Chinese are also boasting that they are confident the advantages are on their side in any conflict with the United States and Great Britain.

While the Biden administration has offered words of support for Taiwan, the White House has also said that it opposes Taiwan’s independence from mainland China.

But even that mealy-mouthed doublespeak is too much for the Communist Chinese, who continue to voice displeasure over the US’s unofficial relationship with the self-ruled island officially named the Republic of China.

Last Thursday during a monthly briefing, China’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian warned the United States of severe consequences for supporting Taiwan, adding that “those who play with fire will be burned.”

China, which claims Taiwan as part of its “sacred territory,” considers support from foreign nations for Taiwan a direct interference with China’s internal affairs.

Wu warned the US not to “send the wrong signal” to Taiwan’s independence forces. To do so, Wu said, would cause the United States to “bear all severe consequences that it triggers.”

According to the Sun, China’s military has already conducted twenty naval exercises since the beginning of the year. Another thirteen exercises were conducted in 2020. State-controlled China Central Television aired simulations of amphibious landing, two types of drones and launch rocket systems. The broadcast showed soldiers acting out missions, as well as amphibious assault vehicles firing guns at sea.

In June, Chinese Communist Party officials vowed to invade Taiwan should it seek independence, adding that any move toward gaining its freedom would mean war.

Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen has already conceded that formal independence of the island nation is unnecessary because Taiwan was already made a sovereign state by the formal title Republic of China.

Last Tuesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he was committed to establishing a constructive relationship with China while working on common challenges with the Communist Party in Beijing.

Austin has harsher words for US servicemen with Gadsden flags.