China’s Foreign Minister Cautions Blinken That Ties With The US Could Deteriorate

( — Secretary of State Antony Blinken held talks in Beijing last week with Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in which the two top diplomats discussed the deepening divisions between the US and China and emphasized the importance of maintaining open communications between the two countries.

Blinken was on a three-day visit to China, which began last Wednesday in Shanghai.

Following meetings with the Chinese Community Party Secretary of Shanghai Chen Jining and Shanghai business leaders, the Secretary of State traveled to Bejing for talks with Wang and Public Security Minister Wang Xiaohong.

During the more than five-hour meeting, Wang told Secretary of State Blinken that while relations between the US and China were “beginning to stabilize, some “negative factors” were continuing to build that were causing “disruptions” between the two countries.

Wang outlined Beijing’s objections to Washington’s position on multiple issues, including, the disputed South China Sea, as well as its support for Taiwan, which Wang said were unreasonably suppressing China’s “legitimate development rights.”

Wang urged the US to stop interfering with China’s internal affairs and warned the Secretary of State to avoid “China’s red lines” on its “sovereignty, security, and development interests.”

On Friday, the Secretary of State met with China’s President Xi Jinping, where he stressed the importance of managing the differences between the two countries.

Blinken said the US was committed to strengthening communication between China and the US to make further advances in bilateral cooperation on various issues, including counternarcotics, artificial intelligence, and military communication.

He said by strengthening lines of communication, the two countries could avoid “miscommunications,” “misperceptions,” and “miscalculations.”

The Secretary of State also raised Washington’s concerns about China’s material support for Russia in its war against Ukraine.

He told reporters after his talks with President Xi that Moscow would “struggle” to continue its war without support from China. He said continuing to fuel Russia’s “defense industrial base” was a threat to the security of both Ukraine and Europe.

President Xi insisted that his country was “happy” for the United States to be “confident, open, prosperous, and thriving,” and said he hoped that the US would also feel the same about China.

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