China’s Military “ON THE MARCH” – Here’s What It Means

( — While discussing proposed spending cuts to the military during a recent appearance on Fox News, Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) warned that China’s military is “on the march” as it prepares for “a move the likes of which we have never seen in the world.”

Waltz appeared on “Fox & Friends First” on Monday morning to discuss the debt ceiling deal reached between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the White House.

In discussing possible cuts to military spending suggested by some of his colleagues, Waltz warned that with China’s military expanding, now is not the time to reduce military spending.

He explained that the Chinese Navy is already larger than the US Navy and the president’s proposed budget “would send our Navy backward” by retiring more ships while building fewer. He urged his House colleagues not to make cuts to military spending, arguing that the threat to the US from its adversaries is too great.

Waltz warned that Iran’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons could create a “nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” and potentially put the United States’ strongest ally in the region, Israel, at risk. On top of that, Waltz reiterated that China is “on the march.”

The proposed deal between the White House and Speaker McCarthy would provide $886 billion in military spending, including a 3.2 percent increase to the Pentagon over FY2023 spending.

The deal would also claw back $1.4 billion from the Internal Revenue Service over the next two years while decreasing non-defense discretionary spending by $1 billion.

When asked about any possible changes to the proposed deal, Waltz told Fox & Friends that over the next few days, lawmakers will “comb through the language” and discuss possible changes with House leadership.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week that the current deadline to raise the debt ceiling is June 5.

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