Chinese State Media Ran Influence Operation In United States

( Disclosure forms filed on Tuesday revealed how a Chinese state-backed newspaper paid out over $1.6 million dollars in advertising in Western media outlets. It’s a huge sum of money and demonstrates just how much influence the Chinese Communist Party has on the United States and our Western allies.

China Daily filed the disclosure forms according to the requirements of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which says that all foreign agents must register with the United States federal government. It shows that The Los Angeles Times took $272,000 from China, Foreign Policy took $291,000, the British Financial Times received $271,577, the Canadian Globe and Mail took $329,898, and TIME Magazine received $700,000.

It’s significant not just because it’s Chinese money filtering through to the United States, but because the newspaper regularly pushes false claims, controversial statements, and total misinformation on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. For instance, the paper claimed last year that the AIDS crisis was started by the United States, and even reported on the horrific genocide on the Uighur people by claiming that China was actually helping the Uighur people…by making them more than “baby-making machines.”

At some point, shouldn’t Western media outlets stop and reconsider taking money from a newspaper that makes such an outrageous claim about literal concentration camps?

Last year, Republican Senator Tom Cotton and dozens of other Republican legislators sent a letter to the Justice Department requesting that the government investigate payments made to Western media outlets from China, and to determine whether they violate federal laws. The letter came after a spokesperson from the Washington Post revealed that the newspaper had been taking money from China for over 30 years.

Isn’t it time to end China’s influence on the Western press?