Chris Christie’s New TV Ad Claims He’s the One to Defeat Trump

( — Last Friday, GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie launched his first television ad for the primary season with a 6-figure ad buy in New Hampshire, where polling shows Christie in third place, Axios reported.

The former New Jersey governor is hoping that he can pull off a win in New Hampshire’s January 23 primary by hammering home his anti-Trump message.

The ad, titled “Only One,” touts Christie as the only Republican candidate who is “trying to stop Trump.”

The ad criticizes the other leading GOP candidates, Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, for turning their attacks on each other rather than focusing on Trump. It features clips of attack ads from DeSantis and Haley targeting each other, followed by a narrator claiming that Christie would be the only candidate who could defeat Donald Trump “because he’s the only one trying to beat Trump.”

The 30-second spot closes with footage from a GOP debate in which Christie described the former president as “unfit.”

According to the Christie campaign, the ad will air across local and cable television in New Hampshire, including during live sports broadcasts. It will also get plenty of airtime on CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC.

While the ad’s claim about Nikki Haley is true, with a Haley-supporting Super PAC spending over $3 million to attack DeSantis while spending nothing to attack Trump, Governor DeSantis has become increasingly vocal in his criticism of the former president. Additionally, the DeSantis-supporting Never Back Down Pact has been hitting both Trump and Haley. However, the PAC has spent ten times more money attacking Haley than Trump, according to the New York Times.

Both Nikki Haley and Chris Christie have spent big on New Hampshire, where the two are polling in second and third place, respectively.

However, some Republicans believe that Christie’s deep unpopularity among Republican primary voters nationwide makes it impossible for him to win the nomination, leading many Republicans to warn that Christie’s continued presence in the race would act as a spoiler, splitting the vote and giving Trump an easy path to the nomination.

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