Chris Cuomo Pummeled By Critics For Scandal

( Believe it or not, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still hasn’t resigned after he was accused of sexual improprieties and harassment by over half a dozen women this year. And after his brother, Chris Cuomo, reportedly gave him advice on how to handle the scandal, he was forced to address the scandal on his CNN show.

During a segment on his CNN “news” show, Chris Cuomo said that he had “of course” given his brother advice on how to deal with the scandal, despite the pair having a very obvious conflict of interest.

“Like you, I bet my family means everything to me, and I am fiercely loyal to them,” he said.

“I’m family first, job second,” he added, which would be absolutely fine…if he wasn’t a news anchor reporting on national politics.

The statement very quickly drew criticism from not just Republicans, but shocked viewers who recognized that it was a clear conflict of interest and one that shouldn’t happen.

Perhaps it’s time that the Cuomos stopped appearing on television together altogether…you know, the way it used to be when Chris Cuomo first joined CNN and said he would avoid interviewing his brother entirely.

Cuomo admitted that it was a “unique and difficult situation.” He can say that again.

Spectator USA writer Stephen Miller simply responded, “Cool. Resign then.”

A sentiment likely shared by many.

NBC Bay Area reporter Sergio Quintana also suggested that Cuomo doesn’t know where the line is, despite claiming otherwise.

“Chris Cuomo saying it was a mistake being looped into political crisis calls with his brother, the Governor of New York and some of his staff, and then saying he’s in a unique and difficult situation, and he ‘knows where the line is’, shows he does NOT know where the line is,” he explained.

Shouldn’t this disqualify CNN from talking about Governor Cuomo…period? Or is it finally just time for Chris Cuomo to resign?