Chris Cuomo Says He Never Had Any “Secrets” Amid Allegations

( Fired CNN broadcaster Chris Cuomo said he “never lied,” had “no secrets,” and never contacted other media to influence coverage of his brother, former New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
In a one-hour interview, Chris Cuomo told “Dan Abrams Live” on NewsNation, “Yes, there’s litigation going on, but I never lied, and there were no secrets.”
The disgraced newscaster will join NewsNation in the autumn to anchor a prime-time show.
CNN fired Chris Cuomo after an inquiry discovered he advised his brother during sexual harassment claims, leading to his loss of credibility. Andrew Cuomo resigned last summer.
He told Dan Abrams that he never contacted any journalist covering his brother to try and influence how they covered him. He did concede that he talks to journalists often. They’re my closest friends.
Cuomo claims he didn’t talk to Abrams to try and influence the reporting about his brother.
He said the distinction matters. He didn’t call and ask Abrams to alter his segment. But, he did call, and even that makes it awkward for a reporter to report harsh facts about his brother.
Cuomo also disputed sexual misconduct charges, saying it’s up to the accuser to talk about the event he stated never happened.
He said he’d never convince anyone, and commenting feeds the story,
It’s been reported that he is suing CNN for $125 million.

Chris Cuomo denied being a cancel culture victim.
“I’ve never been a victim,” he remarked. He said you choose this profession to be relevant in that dynamic, but it’s not always simple, not always fair. He says his therapist says fair is the only four-letter curse word.
Chris Cuomo said he was not “compromised” as a CNN journalist by trying to help his brother.
He says he adores his brother, and “family, trouble, goal” is their motto. Helping his brother without compromising what has guided him was his goal.
“I’m proud of my brother, “ he said. “I learned about my brother and my family by dealing with the good, the terrible, and the ugly. That makes me proud of him.”
Eye roll.
Nauseatingly, Cuomo said that being CNN’s No. 1 is “difficult.”
Well, the good news for him is that being CNN’s No. 0 is “pretty simple.”