Chris Wallace Will Get A New Show On HBO Max, CNN

CNN anchor Chris Wallace will be debuting a new show on HBO Max later this month, the highlights of which will then air on weekends on CNN.

“Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” will debut on September 23 on HBO Max with the “best moments” of each show debuting on September 25 on CNN in a one-hour broadcast.

The first three full-length interviews will run on Fridays with Wallace hosting the best parts on CNN the following Sunday.

The interviews currently lined up feature author James Patterson, actor Tyler Perry, and baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

Wallace’s show was initially slated for CNN’s ill-fated streaming platform, CNN-Plus, which was shut down less than a month after launching. CNN later confirmed that Wallace would host a weekly show on Sunday evenings.

And while CNN-Plus could barely cobble together 10,000 active daily users during its brief existence, Wallace will likely have a far larger audience on HBO Max, which has about 77 million subscribers.

In a statement to TVNewser, CNN President Chris Licht described Chris Wallace as a “legend” in television news. He said Wallace’s “unparalleled interviewing expertise” has “changed history.”

Wallace left the Fox News Channel last December after he signed a deal with CNN to host a program on its ill-fated streaming service.

The former “Fox News Sunday” host claimed that working at Fox became “unsustainable” because people were questioning the 2020 presidential election.

When CNN-Plus had its less-than-stellar launch, it was reported that a furious Wallace was demanding he be given a primetime show on CNN to make up for the loss of his streaming program.