Chuck Todd Says Democrats Will Suffer A Wipeout

( On Tuesday, Chuck Todd, host of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” provided an in-depth preview of the upcoming midterm elections.

The Democratic Party is “in shellacking territory,” according to Todd, who pointed to NBC’s Midterm Meter, which showed a 75 percent deviation from the right track for the Democratic Party.

Todd elaborated by saying that it’s obvious and anyone could see where the left stood.

He asked, rhetorically, where do “we” stand right now with the brand-new poll from NBC News. He said the poll indicated that 75% of the people polled said the Democrats are on the wrong path, which definitely falls under the category of a shellacking.

It’s interesting to note that Todd said “we” when discussing the left.

He continued by saying that when you have 75 percent wrong track polling, that’s how you end up with nominees that people in Washington don’t want.

Todd said that John Fetterman and Kathy Barnette are examples of what happens when you have a 75 percent wrong track.  If the party was deemed somewhat on track, 55 percent of the time, for example, you might end up with Conor Lamb and David McCormick.

He warned his partisan viewers that they could see an incumbent defeated in a primary election later in the evening. “These are awful numbers for incumbents, regardless of whether you are running in the primary or the general election,” he said.

The conversation then moved on to President Joe Biden, whose approval rating, according to Todd, was “also sitting in shellacking territory.”

“Now let’s go to the president’s job rating here, and this is also sitting in shellacking territory — 39 percent,” Todd stated.

He then looked at Biden’s approval ratings on the economy. He said those numbers were also sitting in shellacking territory.

Todd said that Biden needed to get to at least 45 percent. He reminded viewers that he’s always said that to have “a boxer’s chance” in states that are considered to be swing states, you need to be 45 or higher. When the number is below 40 percent, the forecast is not favorable in many locations; in fact, you might even see light blue states like Colorado suddenly come into play.