CIA Says Havana Syndrome Unlikely A Secret Weapon By Foreign Powers

( You’ve heard of Havana Syndrome before. We’ve reported on it plenty, and the number of cases continues to rise. But according to a new report by the CIA, it might not actually be caused by foreign powers at all.

The syndrome has caused American diplomats, members of the military, and intelligence officials to come down with a whole host of bizarre symptoms – and usually affects them when those officials are working abroad. It first occurred in Havana – hence the name – and has since been theorized as a symptom of a sustained campaign by foreign forces using hyper-focused laser technology.

According to CIA officials, however, the syndrome is not likely to be a “sustained worldwide campaign” from Russia or any other foreign actor.

While the CIA hasn’t fully ruled out the idea that a small number of these incidents could be direct attacks from foreign forces, the agency believes that even if the symptoms are real they are unlikely to be caused by foreign agents purposely working to harm American officials. It comes after a years-long investigation into the symptoms by the CIA, with the interim findings recently being delivered to President Joe Biden and Congress.

No evidence has yet been found by the CIA to suggest that any nation-state is behind any of the roughly 1,000 reported cases globally.

The investigation was led by Director Bill Burns as part of a CIA-wide task force. It found that, while the origin of the symptoms is unknown, some people have been hurt so badly that they have been forced to retire. According to the report, most of those who experience the symptoms are likely to be experiencing other causes and conditions.

CIA investigators didn’t say that officers were not reporting “real experiences” or suffering “real symptoms,” but confirmed that most cases were attributed to “medical conditions or environmental and technical factors.” Among those other potential causes were undiagnosed illnesses.

The investigation continues, and there are still many “tough” cases that the CIA has been unable to crack. Victims of the syndrome complain of head pressure, vertigo, nausea, and even a piercing directional noise.

Could it be that this syndrome either doesn’t exist…or that foreign nations have only targeted a very small number of American officials?