Climate Change Cited As Reason Some People Aren’t Having Children

( New reports have revealed how some people are so terrified about the idea of climate change that they are refusing to have children.

Many young people are apparently choosing to sterilize themselves or just vow not to have children, and cited the story of Cassie King, a 23-year-old climate activist who said that as we see “more health crises and climate catastrophes” she started to worry about the future of the planet.

Speaking to Inside Climate News, the left-wing activist explained how she feels as though it would be “wrong to bring someone into that chaos, without their consent.”

Wrong to give birth to a child without their consent?

Like…the way every single child in history has been born?

Incredibly, she isn’t the only one. This is becoming increasingly common, according to Inside Climate News. Some people are even reportedly looking to the United Nations for help.

Carter Dillard, a policy advisor for Fair Start, a San Francisco organization that says it campaigns for children and families, told the outlet that young people are “increasingly choosing not to have children.”

It’s not because they don’t want them, he said, but that they’re worried about how the so-called “climate crisis” will affect any children they have.

The report also revealed how a 2020 survey from Morning Consult showed that 11% of childless adults said that climate change was a “major reason” why they do not have children, and a further 15% said that it is a “minor reason” they don’t have children.

Of course, we have to remember that climate change is also a convenient excuse for angry, left-wing activists who hate men to say they don’t have children…

Another organization, this one from Minneapolis and named “Population Balance,” is working to encourage people to stop having children and to see “social bias and pressure shift away from reproduction toward having fewer children or no children at all.”

So just in case anyone ever tries to tell you it’s a conspiracy theory to say that green activists want to stop you from having children, you now know where to point them.

Point them to Population Balance and their efforts to stop women from having children.