Clinton Edges Closer To Politics With Major Endorsement

( Failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to have disappeared off the political stage after Joe Biden took the White House and didn’t appoint her to any government role, but it looks like her political goals haven’t really ended.

Why else would she be offering up endorsements to radically left-wing Democrats running for Congress?

This week, Clinton announced that she had endorsed Shontel Brown, currently a Cuyahoga County Council Representative who is running in the Ohio special election.

Clinton said that she is proud to endorse the candidate, who is running to replace Marcia Fudge, who left her House seat this year to join President Joe Biden’s administration as the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Clinton’s endorsement didn’t appear to be focused on Brown’s skills, interestingly, and instead focused on her skin color. She noted that Brown “made history” by becoming the first Black woman to chair her county’s Democratic Party.

Since when does skin color have anything to do with skill, Hillary>

She added that Brown will help her state and the country recover from COVID, but didn’t explain what specific abilities or insights she has that may help that happen.

Brown responded to the endorsement in a tweet of her own, calling Clinton an “inspiration” to her for several decades.

If a politician has been an influence for decades…isn’t that a sign that the politician might want to move on and do something else? Or some fresh blood should be ushered in? Just saying…

The endorsement puts Brown up against former state Senator Nina Turney who is also running for the Democratic nomination for this seat.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator who went up against Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign, is one of the biggest backers of Turner’s bid.

This could make for another nasty race between Sanders and Clinton…