Clinton Says Protesters Are Ignorant of Middle Eastern History

( — Hillary Clinton criticized the campus pro-Palestine protests last week, describing them as being misinformed about the history of the Middle East.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mrs. Clinton said she spoke with “a lot of young people” in recent months and concluded that they were ignorant about history, not only “the history of the Middle East,” but also the history of the United States.

She explained that college students are uninformed about the work that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, did to bring Israel and the PLO together when he was in office, which would have given Palestinians 96 percent of the Palestinian territories but PLO leader Yasser Arafat rejected it.

Clinton plugged her husband’s upcoming book, which she said would cover his negotiations with Israel and Palestine. She said the book described how Arafat feared that he would be assassinated as Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin had been when they pursued a two-state solution.

She explained that this was history and the students would have to understand if they were “going to take any kind of position regarding what’s going on right now.”

Clinton argued that campus protesters have been fed “propaganda” rather than being properly educated and suggested that those who taught college students “should be held responsible” both for what they teach and what they exclude.

She explained that much of what has been said about the Middle East on social media, especially TikTok, has been “willfully false” and “incredibly slanted” against Israel and in favor of Hamas.

The former Secretary of State suggested that nobody should be getting information on “complex matters” like the conflict in the Middle East from social media, explaining that those on social media are pushing “ideological, religious, financial, or partisan” political agendas and that they do not provide facts or context.

Clinton said more had to be done to better educate young people “to help them understand how to filter and interpret the information they’re getting.”

She also suggested that more had to be done in college classrooms to teach students “not to fall into easy absolutes,” adding that life and history are “too complicated.”

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