CNN Analyst Compares Trump To Osama Bin Laden

( — While appearing on CNN last Wednesday, a former DC Metro police officer who was present during the Capitol riot on January 6 said he felt the same way about Donald Trump’s latest indictment as he did when Osama bin Laden was killed, The New York Post reported.

Michael Fanone, now a CNN analyst and darling of the anti-Trump Resistance, said when he heard that Trump was indicted in connection to the events that led to the January 6 riot, he told a friend that it made him proud to be an American.

He said he felt just as proud about Trump’s indictment as he did after the military took out Bin Laden.

When Coates asked if he believed that the two were “comparable,” Fanone said, “Absolutely.”

He explained that Bin Laden “was a terrorist who committed a horrific act” against the country, just like Donald Trump.

Calling Fanone’s comparison “eyebrow-raising,” Coates suggested that it reveals “how deeply” he has been affected by “all of this.” At the same time, Coates asked Fanone if he is concerned that his statement or other over-the-top rhetoric about Trump’s involvement in the January 6 riot might “cloud people’s view” that the indictment is a “fair process.”

The Resistance heartthrob dismissed the question, saying the only people whose view matters are the jurors who will hear the case and have to “make a judgment” on whether Trump is guilty of the charges.

He added that anything he or others might say about the indictment is just “sh*t to take up time on cable news.”

In Special Counsel Jack Smith’s latest indictment, Trump and his allies are accused of pressuring state and federal officials to alter the results of the 2020 election based on claims they knew to be false.

The indictment also details the scheme Trump and his allies concocted in multiple states to assemble a slate of fraudulent electors and their subsequent attempts to compel then-Vice President Mike Pence to substitute the fraudulent slate of electors when Congress met to certify the election on January 6, 2021.

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