CNN ATTACKS Democrat Candidate – Calls Her Out

CNN Calls Out Democrat Candidate For Skipping Debates

( – Of all the Democrats running for office this year, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs has got to be the worst candidate of the lot. And every time she agrees to an interview, she proves it.

In a recent interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Katie Hobbs couldn’t even hold her own against Democrat propagandist Dana Bash.

Bash challenged Hobbs for her refusal to agree to a debate with her Republican challenger, frontrunner Kari Lake. Bash noted that she had just spoken to Lake who answered all of her questions. She told Hobbs that a lot of Democrats are “questioning your decision” not to debate Lake.

Hobbs inexplicably told Bash, “That’s exactly what I am doing right now.”


Kari Lake isn’t there. How can she be debating Kari Lake when Kari Lake isn’t even there?

Katie Hobbs doesn’t want to debate Kari Lake because Lake would mop the floor with her. A former television news anchor, Kari Lake is savvy and knows how to speak intelligently on camera, two qualities Katie Hobbs lacks. And unlike Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake can field questions from both friendly and hostile reporters without dodging or breaking a sweat.

But that wasn’t the only painful moment of the CNN interview.

Hobbs also landed herself in it when Dana Bash repeatedly tried to nail her down on her position on abortion. And no matter how many times Bash asked, Hobbs refused to answer.

When Bash asked Hobbs if Congressional Democrats and President Biden “bear some responsibility for inflation,” the inept Democrat candidate inexplicably said no. Instead, Hobbs prattled on about “skyrocketing housing costs” being responsible for inflation and how we need to build more houses.


Does that mean the way to lower skyrocketing grocery prices is to build more grocery stores?

Meanwhile, Kari Lake isn’t backing down on demanding a debate.

The day before Katie Hobbs’ embarrassing appearance on CNN, Lake offered to debate Katie Hobbs on “The View” and let Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg ask the questions.

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