CNN Buries Biden Corruption Coverage

( — Despite the explosive revelations from former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer during his closed-door testimony to the House Oversight Committee last Monday, CNN last week buried the story, Breitbart reported.

During his testimony, the transcript of which was subsequently released by the Oversight Committee, Archer revealed that on more than 20 occasions, Hunter put his father on speakerphone during meetings with his foreign business associates.

According to Archer, it was the appeal of the Biden “brand” that prompted Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings to place Hunter on its board. The most valuable aspect of this “brand” was then-Vice President Joe Biden, which is why Joe Biden was placed on the call with Burisma executives.

Archer testified that without its association with the Biden “brand,” the Ukrainian company would have gone out of business.

But according to Breitbart, Archer’s testimony to the Oversight Committee was not among the top 5 stories CNN promoted on Tuesday. Instead, CNN claimed that the top five stories for August 1 were Trump’s poll numbers, wildfires in the US, a recall of Ford F-150 trucks, the president’s decision not to move US Space Command to Alabama, and US troops deployed to Niger.

Breitbart noted that CNN’s home page also buried the news of Archer’s testimony, instead leading with a story about Trump’s legal problems. Archer was not mentioned at all on CNN’s home page last Tuesday.

The only mentions Breitbart could find about Hunter Biden were in an op-ed about his plea deal collapsing and in an article in which someone described Archer’s testimony as selling the “illusion” of access to Joe Biden.

While cable news outlets may have turned a blind eye to the details of Archer’s testimony, they were quick to promote Oversight Committee Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman’s dismissal of the details. Goldman downplayed Archer’s testimony to reporters after the hearing, claiming that Archer was clear that the phone conversations featuring Joe Biden did not include discussions about “business dealings or transactions.”

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