CNN Gets Reminded Of Its “Mostly Peaceful Protest” Coverage

( – In a recent interview on CNN, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan called out the network for downplaying the violent Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020, the Daily Caller reported.

While appearing on CNN’s Sunday show “State of the Union,” Jordan was asked by host Dana Bash to preemptively condemn any violence that might occur at Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday.

Dana Bash pointed out that several Republican lawmakers and politicians that were condemning the Justice Department’s indictment against Donald Trump also alluded to “possible violence after this indictment.”

She noted that Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs described the indictment of a former president as entering a “war phase.” She also cited Arizona losing gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s recent speech in Georgia in which Lake suggested that the Justice Department would have to get past millions of Trump voters who are all members of the NRA.

Bash asked Jordan if he would tell Americans not to resort to violence in response to Trump’s indictment.

Jordan dismissed the presumption behind Bash’s question, telling her that Republicans don’t want violence and noting that Republicans have been consistent in condemning violence “every time.”

Jordan noted that he condemned the violence that occurred on January 6 at the Capitol in the same way he also condemned the violence that occurred in the summer of 2020 during the riots prompted by the in-custody death of George Floyd.

He added that it would have been good if the Left would do the same thing.

Jordan pointed out that he saw CNN’s coverage of the George Floyd riots with reporters standing outside of burning buildings while describing the violence as “mostly peaceful protests.”

Jordan said everyone should condemn violence “every time it happens.” He added that we should not have violence but at the same time, we should “have the rule of law” that is equally applied.

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