CNN Group Get Secret Note At School

( — A mom in Colorado told CNN reporters that a group of mothers fighting for parents’ rights is a “hate group” in a secret note. Correspondent Elle Reeve produced a mini-documentary about Moms for Liberty, a conservative organization that opposes the indoctrination of kids into radical leftist ideas. Anderson Cooper’s 360 broadcast her report, and in it, Reeve describes how she arranged to sit down and talk with some of the mothers from Moms for Liberty and, during filming, was handed a note by a liberal parent describing it as a hate group.

The moms in question are shown in various clips objecting to teachers telling their kids about adult, often graphic, content that they say is entirely inappropriate for young children. Darcy Schoening, the chair of the organization’s El Paso County branch, said she has no problem with teenagers reading more complex books or adults reading whatever they wish. However, she believes there is a concerted effort by a liberal elite to expose children to radical views, such as the changing of gender, in order to undermine conservative values and transform America’s political and social landscape.

CNN later revealed that the person who passed the note was Carolyn Bedingfield. She is part of a group that opposes Moms for Liberty called Neighbors for Education. This organization works with Naomi Lopez, a school speech pathologist who insisted that asking a child their pronouns does not amount to indoctrination. Lopez is also the mother of a “trans child.”

Moms for Liberty started in 2020 in response to mask mandates and lockdowns but has expanded its reach over the past few years. Its leaders say they are dedicated to “fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating, and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

They have won the public support of influential figures, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who spoke at one of their events.

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