CNN Lays Off Staff Again

It was reported last week that CNN laid off several employees from its audio division.

CNN’s audio division produces podcasts for its on-air personalities and contributors, including Anderson Cooper, Poppy Harlow, Harry Enten, and former Obama advisor David Axelrod.

According to Business Insider, most of the layoffs were in sales and editorial divisions. In total, eight people got the ax.

A spokesperson for CNN confirmed the layoffs, explaining to Business Insider that CNN is refining its podcast strategy “to focus our resources more specifically” in areas that “resonate with our audiences.”

It isn’t clear at this time if any of the podcasts produced by CNN audio will be affected by the staff reduction.

However, Alexander McCall, one of the staffers laid off from CNN, tweeted last Tuesday that he was told CNN plans to produce fewer audio podcasts in the coming year.

CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht has been tasked with cutting the fat at the low-rated cable news channel by getting rid of the current Democrat propaganda punditry that killed its ratings and reorienting CNN’s coverage to more straight reporting.

To that end, Licht canned Brian Stelter and his laughably-named “Reliable Sources,” and sent “reporter” John Harwood and “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin packing.

Last month, CNN announced its morning show, “New Day” would be replaced by a new morning show featuring Kaitlan Collins, Poppy Harlow, and former primetime host, Don Lemon.