CNN Slams Kamala For False Slavery Curriculum Claim

( — One of CNN’s few “conservative” contributors this week dismantled Vice President Kamala Harris over her false claims about Florida’s new African American History curriculum, Mediaite reported.

During CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, host Dana Bash played a clip from the vice president’s demagogic speech in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday in which she attacked the state’s Board of Education for approving the new curriculum.

Harris accused the state of whitewashing history and attempting to “gaslight us,” and declared, “We will not stand for it.”

Conservative contributor Scott Jennings was unimpressed with the vice president’s demagoguery, arguing that the controversy over the African American History curriculum is a “made-up deal.”

Jennings said he was amazed that Kamala Harris has so little to do that she can read a tweet and be on Air Force Two the next day just to make a big, “completely made-up” deal over nothing.

Jennings sade he read through the curriculum standards and looked at analysis showing how many times the words “slavery” or “slave” appear. He said he also read the statements from the black scholars who wrote Florida’s standards, and everyone involved says that the controversy is “a fabricated issue.”

And despite that, Jennings added, “look how quickly Kamala Harris jumped on it.”

In a recent article, National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke similarly blasted Vice President Harris for demagoguing Florida’s African American History curriculum, calling her claim a “brazen,” “astonishing,” and “evil” lie.

Cooke includes in his article every item related to slavery, abolition, and civil rights that appear in the African American History standards and notes that Harris is zeroing in on only one of 191 items while ignoring everything else.

He argued that by claiming African American history is being “whitewashed” in Florida, Harris is “lying to a degree that is impressive even for her.”

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