CNN’s Past Finally Comes Out For All To See…

( During a recent liberal conference at the University of Chicago, CNN’s Brian Stelter, who constantly warns about the risks of “disinformation” and blames others for spreading it, was called out by a college student for his network’s lengthy history of pushing false or misleading news.

Christopher Phillips posed the question to the host of “Reliable Sources.” He asked if it was time to announce that the canon of journalistic ethics is dead or no longer functioning, with major corporate journalists being little more than apologists and cheerleaders for the regime. The undergraduate student also inquired why CNN’s “mistakes” consistently favor Democrats while working against Republicans.
Stelter tip-toed around the young man’s question. He referred to accusations of leftist bias as a popular right-wing talking point.

Let us examine some of CNN’s greatest mis-hits.

“The walls are closing in on Trump,” said the gleeful CNN analysts, reporters, and show hosts. They all endorsed the now-debunked “Russian Dossier,” among other lies, insisting Donald Trump’s campaign collaborated with Russia ahead of the 2016 election. Pathetic as that is, they continue to do so.

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which has subsequently been certified as legitimate by the Washington Post and New York Times, was downplayed and dismissed by CNN for months.

A recorded editorial meeting that Project Veritas presented showed that the network refused to report on the laptop and was caught spiking the story. Whenever CNN chose to bring up the laptop, the anchors and pundits always dismissed it as Russian election interference and disinformation. Again, pathetic as that is, they continue to say so.

In 2020, a multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit was filed against CNN. Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann sued the network for its ridiculous coverage of his viral incident with a Native American elder. The smiling, non-confronting Kentucky teenager was depicted as an aggressor. It seems the red MAGA hat really set them off.

Following his announcement that he was taking doctor-prescribed Ivermectin, among other therapies, after testing positive for coronavirus, a number of CNN commentators and hosts accused podcasting mogul Joe Rogan of using “horse dewormer.”

During a heated interview with Dr. Gupta on Joe Rogan’s show, Rogan persuaded CNN’s top medical reporter to agree that his colleagues lied and were wrong to classify his usage of Ivermectin as simply a “horse dewormer”.
But on Dr. Gupta’s next appearance on CNN, his colleagues shamed him into toeing the line again.

CNN happily promoted Jussie Smollett’s now-discredited 2019 “hate crime” allegation. Smollett claimed he was attacked by two Trump fans wearing MAGA hats at 2 a.m. in Chicago during the winter vortex.

“The circumstances are just horrific!”

“We know it’s a hate crime!” Exclaimed the pundits.

Don Lemon, a CNN anchor, informed his viewers that the story felt personal since he and Smollett had been pals and had been in frequent contact since the claimed event.
Smollet claimed during the trial that Lemon told him the Chicago Police Department didn’t believe his story.

Incredibly, after the hate crime story fell apart, Brian Stelter claimed that the situation was too confusing and the public may never really know what happened that night.
After Smollett was found guilty on five of the six charges against him, CNN’s headline read, “Jussie Smollett guilty on some charges.”
Yes. Just like CNN is guilty of some disinformation.