Comedian Apologizes For Posing In Picture With Dave Chapelle

( The whiny little Hobbit Patton Oswalt found himself on the receiving end of the far-Left outrage mob last week after posing for a picture beside comedian Dave Chappelle and making the mistake of posting online over the weekend.

Chappelle had discovered that his less successful friend was appearing in a gig in Seattle at the same time he was, so he invited the little Hobbit to drop in for a guest appearance. Oswalt, eager to glom on to Chappelle’s fame, quickly agreed.

He then posted the picture on Instagram and boasted that he got to wave goodbye to 2021 by joining the comic genius he started comedy with 34 years ago.

The lunatics seized on Oswalt’s post, screeching at his nerve for posing with a “transphobe” like Dave Chappelle. But rather than tell these screeching harpies to go pound sand, Oswalt, the pathetic follower that he is, offered a groveling apology for being friends with a “transphobe” like Chappelle.

With friends like these…

In a lengthy, pathetic, excuse-making apology on Instagram, the little gremlin made sure the screaming mob knew that he disagrees with Chappelle “100%” over “transgender rights & representation.”

He assured the never-satisfied outrage mob that he supports “trans peoples’ rights.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t add “some of my best friends are trans people!”

Oswalt then claimed that he might be able to use his friendship with Chappelle to help him evolve on the “transgender issues” Chappelle is 100% wrong about. After all, the Hobbit explained, Chappelle has helped him evolve.

Then Oswalt reassured the mob that he is an “LGBTQ ally.” But, he added, he is also a “loyal friend.” And in this instance, there is a “friction” between his loyalty to the LGBTQ people and his friendship with Dave Chappelle and he needs to find a way to reconcile the two so he isn’t betraying either.

Then he offered his heartfelt apology for posing with his friend of 34 years, confessing that he didn’t “consider the hurt this would cause.”

Oswalt is wasting his time.

For the Outrage Mob, there is no forgiveness. No apology will ever suffice.

But given what an odious cretin Patton Oswalt is, it is difficult not to take pleasure in his pain.