Commerce Secretary Says GOP Abortion Stance Will Backfire

( — Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo waded into the abortion debate last weekend, attacking Republican-led states for passing laws limiting abortion, calling them “wrong-headed” and “draconian.”

While appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” last Sunday, Raimondo was asked by host Dana Bash about abortion restrictions in Republican-led states. Bash cited Alabama, which she said has “one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country.”

In a court filing last Monday, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall argued that the state could prosecute those who provide out-of-state travel to women seeking abortions.

Bash asked Secretary Raimondo what she thought the Biden administration should do to stop it.

Raimondo said that as commerce secretary, she is not focused on abortion, but added that as a “business issue,” what Republican states are doing is “wrong-headed.” She said women deserve access to a full range of healthcare and suggested that companies will not want to do business in a state that is “hostile to women.”

She said from a business standpoint, it is a “very poor decision” to impose limits on abortion since companies want to do business in states that have “top talent” and where the “most talented women” can work.

She said states will see that their draconian, wrong-headed” abortion laws will “backfire” when they are unable to attract businesses and talent.

However, reality doesn’t match up with Raimondo’s claims.

Both Georgia and Florida have enacted laws restricting abortion to the first six weeks of pregnancy. Yet both states are outpacing the national average in economic growth and employment.

Raimondo, who just returned from a trip to China and Shanghai, also said that while there are legitimate concerns about Chinese investments in the United States, she believes a certain amount of investment is a good thing for the country.

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