Congressional Report Says Some UFO Spottings Don’t Have Human Origins

In an addendum to the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY2023, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence acknowledged that the government wants to distinguish between UFOs that are human in origin and those that aren’t.  

A draft bill unanimously approved by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence creates a new term for UFOs, called “unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena,” and explains that “temporary non-attributed objects,” which are positively identified as man-made will be “passed to appropriate offices” and not considered under the new definition.  

This expanded definition includes objects in space and under the oceans, or “transmedium.”  

“Transmedium” objects are those that can “transition between space and the atmosphere or between the atmosphere and bodies of water.”  

The committee believes that some of these objects demonstrate technology so advanced, they can move seamlessly from space to air to water. And according to the addendum, the national security threats from transmedium objects “are expanding exponentially.” 

According to some experts, the fact that Congress would include this kind of language indicates that lawmakers are privy to classified sensor data unknown to the general public that shows not all UFOs can be explained away as manmade objects like drones, satellites, balloons, or misidentified aircraft. 

In short, the committee is forcing the government to focus its attention, not on unidentified objects of human origin, but instead, on those that are not manmade. 

Unsurprisingly, a congressional addendum acknowledging that not all unidentified flying objects may be human in origin is being reported in the media as Congress acknowledging that alien crafts exist.  

It’s probably more accurate to say, they are acknowledging that, at this stage, it can’t be ruled out. 

At the same time, to have the US Congress openly acknowledge that alien craft might exist is still a stunning shift away from what has been the official government line for decades.