Congressman Defies Order From January 6th Committee

( In a column at American Greatness last week, Republican Congressman Andy Biggs explains why he refuses to testify before the January 6 select committee.

Biggs argues that American institutions, from the FBI to the DOJ to Congress, have been weaponized by the Left to gain power and punish their political enemies. And the American corporate media happily plays along.

The Arizona Republican also notes the disparate treatment between the Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioters during the 2020 riots and the people who mobbed the Capitol on January 6.

While January 6 defendants have been held in jail without bail, some for more than a year, the rioters who burned down cities in 2020 were quickly released while Democrat politicians like Kamala Harris helped raise their bail money.

Biggs contends that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to weaponize the House by stripping Republican members of their committee assignments and forming a partisan select committee with no members chosen by the Republicans.

He argues that the select committee is issuing subpoenas to House members without authority. Subpoena requests should be submitted to the ranking member. But there is no ranking member of the January 6 select committee because Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks were rejected by Nancy Pelosi.

And no, Liz Cheney doesn’t count. Cheney was not placed on the committee by McCarthy but by Pelosi, leaving the committee with no ranking member from the minority party.

Calling the committee a “witch hunt,” Biggs cites examples of select committee members who have selectively edited or taken out of context communications between Republican members and the Trump administration.

Biggs also outlines the things the select committee refuses to do, including releasing the over 14,000 hours of surveillance video from January 6 and having Pelosi testify about what she did and did not do on that day.

Biggs concludes his column by saying Americans no longer trust the government, the media, or Congress. And neither does he.

He wrote that submitting to “maltreatment by enemies of America” would be irrational.