“Conservative” Koch Brothers Rush In To Defend CRT

(PatriotWise.com)- At this point, the only people who believe the Koch brothers are “conservatives” are far-Left Democrats who invoke the name “Koch brothers” every time they attack Republicans. In reality, the Kochs have never been conservative; they are, and have long been, Libertarians.

The Kochs have for years poured hundreds of millions of dollars into organizations and politics that advocate for small government, lower taxes, deregulation, free speech, academic freedom and a conservative judiciary.

So it isn’t exactly a surprise that the Koch brothers oppose Republican efforts to ban the use of critical race theory from public schools. Libertarians oppose government bans of any kind.

While the Koch brothers and their Stand Together Foundation oppose the ideology behind Critical Race Theory, they believe government bans stifle debate – which they believe is essential to democracy – and counter to the core principles of America.

Last spring, as state lawmakers and conservative groups began fighting to get CRT out of schools, the Koch organization made a public stand against what it views as censorship, arguing that learning and research “require openness to new ideas and the ability to argue productively.”

But the bottom line is, the Koch organization’s opposition to CRT bans hasn’t stopped the groups it has long supported from carrying on the fight.

Groups like the Wisconsin Institute for Liberty and Law, the conservative think tank State Policy Network, and the Chicago-based American Legislative Exchange Council – all of whom receive money from the Koch organizations – continue to fight to remove race-based indoctrination from public schools.

Likewise, the Koch-backed PAC Americans for Prosperity Action, sank nearly ten million dollars into reelecting North Carolina Thom Tillis in the 2020 election. Tillis was a main sponsor of a measure to prohibit the use of federal funds to promote and teach the 1619 Project in public schools. Of course that bill languishes in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The lack of vocal support from the Koch brothers for prohibiting the use of CRT in public schools may irk some on the right. But in reality, it isn’t as if their vocal support is needed.