Cops Report Hundreds Of UFO Sightings In One Location

( — UFO sightings have become commonplace in the world recently with footage from bystanders showing the objects in all sorts of places. But the place with the most sightings is Glasgow, Scotland, according to The Scottish Sun. Police officers are reporting that the city has the most sightings of unidentified flying objects, aliens, and extraterrestrial activity.

The activity has clocked in at 215 in both 2021 and 2022. The influx of events has caused Glasgow to overtake Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire as the home of the alien phenomena. A veteran councilor at Bonnybridge, Billy Buchanan, was once shamed for having spoken out about the sightings.

He said that now that more of the events are coming to light the truth will soon come out. He said that people should seek answers from the government about what is going on and hoped that the government would not use the extraterrestrial promotion to rundown cities like Roswell in the United States.

In December 2022, a woman in Orlando, Florida shared a video of a UFO hovering in the sky, as reported by MI Tech News. The video was reportedly live-streamed on Instagram by user Chivonne SayWhat.

She added that a loud boom was heard from Jacksonville to Orlando just before the sighting of what appeared to be a flying saucer with white and blue lights encompassing the outer rim. Florida residents have reported around 7,513 UFO sightings, but California clocks in at double the amount with 15,000 documented cases.

Although there have been more sightings in recent years as people have smartphones to capture the fleeting experiences, sightings reportedly go back to the 1940s when they were much harder to prove and there was little available equipment for documentation. Those who did talk about what they saw faced the risk of having their reputation tarnished or being labeled as crazy.

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