County Supervisor Begs Congress To End Audit

( Arizona’s forensic audit of the last presidential election is controversial for one reason only…it risks exposing mass fraud and misconduct in the last election that could have resulted in the “election” of President Joe Bien.

So it’s not surprising that the Gateway Pundit is reporting how a Democrat Supervisor by the name of Steve Gallardo is desperately trying to get the audit stopped.

In a statement, Gellardo – who oversees Maricopa County’s District 5 – wrongly claimed that the ongoing audit in Arizona is fraudulent. Describing the professional and independent forensic analysis as a “fraudit,” the highly-partisan Democrat claimed that the audit is promoting the “Big Lie” and “damaging our democratic republic.”

How is ensuring election integrity damaging democracy?

And why are Democrats so afraid of an independent audit showing where fraud and misconduct could have occurred?

The Democrat activist commissioner also wrongly claimed that nobody needed to “crack open expensive tabulation machines” to know that the election was free and fair, or that it was run by professionals with a “high degree of training.”

He even claimed that nobody needed to flash paper ballots with black lights, either.

But he didn’t offer any proof.

The simple fact that a huge proportion of the American people don’t believe that the election was free and fair should be reason enough, but instead of welcoming an audit that will prove the election was free and fair if it indeed was…this commissioner asked Senate President Karen Fann to “admit” that the opportunity to change election laws in 2020 is over.

He also said that the “fraudit should sine die” along with the legislative session.

This guy really doesn’t want to know if the election was free and fair, does he?

Newsflash, commissioner – calling it a “fraudit” doesn’t change the fact that it is a free, fair, and independent audit that will reveal fraud if it occurred.