CRAZY: Biden Proposes “Environmental Justice” Division of DOJ

( Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has completely kowtowed to the extremists in his party not just on the economy, but on the climate and on social issues too. The latest insane proposal put forward by Biden’s handlers is the introduction of a new division of the Department of Justice that focuses on pollution and “environmental and climate justice.”

What on earth is climate justice?

The proposal was unveiled by Biden on Tuesday as part of a wider plan to tackle climate change. It involves spending more than two trillion dollars over a space of just four years, completely overhauling the American energy sector, creating even more debt than the country was forced into taking as part of the lockdown measures and taking on board the crackpot ideas of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Make no mistake – the climate change policies put forward by Biden are almost exactly the same as those put forward in AOC’s “Green New Deal.” He’s just added a few years to the deadline. In fact, the proposal comes from the unity task force that was recently established by Sanders and Biden representatives, which was one of the most far-left and extreme mainstream policy platforms proposed by the Democrats in history.

In those recommendations was setting up the Environmental and Climate Justice Division of the Department of Justice. The new government operation would focus on tackling corporations and businesses that contribute to pollution and do so in a way that is so extreme it would force many major companies out of American because they wouldn’t be able to operate profitably any more. The plan says that the new division would pursue the problem of pollution cases “to the fullest extent permitted by law and, when needed, seek additional legislation to hold corporate executives personally accountable – including jail time when merited.”

That’s right. Biden is proposing that business leaders go to prison if they are deemed to be not environmentally friendly (which is everybody, these days). If you set up a successful business in America and employ thousands of people, you might just go to jail.

“Allowing corporations to continue to pollute – affecting the health and safety of both their workers and surrounding communities – without consequences, perpetuates an egregious abuse of power,” the campaign says.

Will Americans really go for this?