Crenshaw Says Discussion of World War III Shouldn’t Stop Strikes Inside Iran

( — Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw dismissed those who have been warning against striking directly at Iran following the attack by an Iranian-backed militia that killed three US service members.

In an interview with Fox anchor Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, the former Navy SEAL said US strikes within Iran could be an option, explaining that the purpose of such strikes would be deterrence.

Crenshaw said those who “clutch their pearls” and warn that hitting Iran would start World War Three have “always been wrong.” He said they were wrong about Russia and the Cold War, and “they are wrong about this too.”

CBS News reported on Thursday that US officials confirmed that plans for a series of strikes inside Syria and Iraq had been approved that would include strikes on Iranian facilities and personnel.

In a press conference on Thursday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the United States would not tolerate attacks on US troops.

Austin said while the US sought to “avoid a wider conflict” in the Middle East, it would “take all necessary actions” to defend US interests and “our people,” responding when, where, and how “we choose.”

The Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah announced on Wednesday that it would suspend operations against US forces in the region. However, officials told CBS News that the group’s announcement was unlikely to delay the planned retaliatory strikes.

Addressing Kataib Hezbollah’s announcement, Secretary Austin told reporters that while the Pentagon would “always listen to what people are saying,” it must also “watch what they do.”

Rep. Crenshaw told Neil Cavuto that the president has “thousands” of possible options on how to respond to the Kataib Hezbollah attack, including direct strikes within Iran.

Crenshaw said Iran was a “half-rate power” that talks tough but “behind closed doors” Tehran is aware of the US’s capabilities. He added that what must be “more obvious” to Iran is that the United States would be “willing to use those capabilities” if Iran continues “to take these kinds of actions.”

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