Curfew Ordered On Spring Break In Miami

( — After two fatal shootings occurred over the weekend, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber announced a curfew on Sunday, according to The Hill. In a video message to residents, the Democratic mayor said that they do not want spring break in their city because it is tough to police, and it gets too loud and crowded.

He added that most of those who come to visit are not there to make trouble. They are there to enjoy the beach. But he noted the few that have malicious intentions and create trouble.

Last Sunday, on March 19, police officers reported that there were gunshots on 11 Street and Ocean Drive. One male was found with gunshot wounds and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Unit. He died while there. They also added that a second victim was injured but was treated and released on-site.


Police then reportedly found the firearm and arrested the perpetrator along the 1200 block of Washington Avenue after a foot chase ensued.

“MBPD has confirmed that this was a targeted and isolated incident. The identities of all parties cannot be released while the investigation is ongoing,” the tweet reads.

Gelber stated that the shooting occurred between visitors, not residents. While police immediately responded to the scenes and made arrests “within minutes,” he added that even with many officers patrolling, the incidents themselves would not be able to be prevented.

The city announced that there will likely be an extension from Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 27, 2023. The large and rowdy crowds were the reasons for the curfew. Gelber said that “daytime programming” has helped with crowd control, noting that incidents and arrests are down compared to last year. But ultimately, he concluded that the influx of people and the increase in guns creates dangerous situations.

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