Dan Bongino Takes On “Journalist” From Washington Post

(PatriotWise.com)- In late December, the Washington Post ran a story about the ongoing battle between conservative syndicated radio host Dan Bongino and Cumulus Media. And Dan Bongino wasn’t happy about it.

In an article titled “Dan Bongino threatened to quit his radio show over a vaccine mandate. So why hasn’t he?” writer Jeremy Barr pointed out that in October, the vaccinated Bongino said on the air that he would quit his show to protest Cumulus’ vaccine mandate for employees. Bongino then was off the air for about a week and a half in protest. But Bongino returned in November, telling listeners that he and Cumulus were at a stalemate.

Barr then quotes some people in the talk radio industry who gave their takes on Bongino’s threat.

Brian Rosenwald, who wrote a book on talk radio, told Jeremy Barr that Bongino’s ultimatum was a “cynical ploy.”

Another talk radio “expert,” Michael Harrison told Barr that Bongino “painted himself in a corner” by threatening to leave and not following through on the threat.

The Post article also has the requisite unnamed “insider” quote. This person suggested that Bongino overestimated his “level of clout” as a talk radio host.

After The Washington Post story ran, Dan Bongino sent a scathing email to Jeremy Barr full of insults and invectives.

Calling Barr a “dipshit,” Bongino questioned whether Barr had even listened to the segments of his show where he explained what was going on between him and Cumulus. He accused Barr of having an “oddly shaped head” which he said was lodged “so far up your ass that you can’t hear.” Bongino also called Barr a “chump” and a “coward” who never stood for anything “in your entire sorry life.”

Blasting Barr for leaving out “relevant details” in his article, Bongino instructed him to lose his email address and not contact him again.

Barr then posted a screen capture of Bongino’s email to Twitter.

In a follow-up tweet, Barr said he asked Bongino what specific “relevant details” he left out but Bongino didn’t respond.