Dangerous Oils Are Still Popular Despite Health Concerns

(PatriotWise.com) — Potentially hazardous vegetable oils are promoted by health organizations despite the risks they pose. Investigative journalist Nina Teicholz has researched the oils, often known as seed oils, for several years and says health warnings associated with them are ignored and animal fat is wrongly considered more dangerous to health. She said one of the reasons for this is political, and organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) will not change their stance.

Ancel Keys, an AHA researcher, put forward a hypothesis in the 1950s stating that animal fat causes coronary heart disease. Teicholz said this remains unproven but has grown into “a health dogma” nonetheless. Congress followed the recommendations of Keys and the National Institute of Health produced guidelines urging Americans to reduce the fats.

On her website, Teicholz says that animal fats and dairy have been condemned since the 1960s but “the link between saturated fat and cardiovascular mortality has been seriously challenged.” She adds that vegetable oils are industrially produced and subject to a variety of treatments. These include “high-pressure extraction with the solvent hexane, steam cleaning, treating with a nickel catalyst, mixing with soap-like emulsifiers, deodorization to remove bad odors, bleaching to remove the grey color, and winterization.” By contrast, animal fats go through very little processing and have been eaten by humans for millennia.

The author also claims that big pharmaceutical companies have a hand in promoting the falsities surrounding fats. The industry has generated billions of dollars selling diet-related drugs, and cholesterol-lowering medications are among the most lucrative. Teicholz argues that this market is one of the reasons animal fats “remain the boogeyman.”

The Big Fat Surprise was written by Teicholz in 2016. In it, she reveals the truth behind the food industry and provides evidence that a low-fat diet has not made us healthier. She argues that the opposite is true and people have wrongly avoided animal-based foods based on a false premise for decades.

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