Dead Body Found Near Border As Democrats Refuse To Crack Down On Border

( Deputies from Brooks County Sheriff’s Office in Texas responded to a call last week from a ranch hand who discovered the body of a woman, believed to be an illegal migrant, who died as a result of exposure to cold weather.

When Deputy Samuel Rosas arrived at the farm, located to the west of Falfurrias on Highway 285, he found the woman lying dead on the ground in an area known for human smuggling. That particular spot is a common place for human smugglers to pick up illegal migrants who were able to illegally cross the border, moving them on to other locations across the United States.

Rosas investigated the scene with Border Patrol agents. The body was found roughly 11 miles into the ranch’s property. It was impossible to identify the woman as she has no ID with her, but she was carrying a bank that contained a cell phone, an extra pair of shoes, and a small amount of money.

The woman was declared dead by Justice of the Peace Nora Salinas, who was also on the scene, and sent to a local funeral home. Plans were made for her body to be transported to the Webb County Medical Examiner’s Office in Laredo, where the cause of her death will be determined in an autopsy and efforts will be made to identify the woman and inform her family of her passing.

Authorities suggested that it is likely the woman was exposed to temperatures in the low 30s on February 26 as she waited hours for smugglers to arrive. She will already have faced a treacherous journey before reaching this point, having to walk through a combination of terrains for miles.

This is the 15th illegal alien to be found dead on ranches in Brooks County, which sits only 80 miles to the north of the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

When will Democrats acknowledge this humanitarian crisis and do something about it?